Have Waco’s Mobile Tire Shop Come To You!


The recommended tire pressure for a vehicle will differ for every vehicle. To find your car’s recommended pressure, open up your driver’s side door and look for the decal found on the door jam. This decal will indicate your vehicle’s recommended tire size and pressure.

Yes, it is very easy! Since 2007, all vehicles are required to have a tire pressure monitoring system. When you have low tire pressure you will see an indicator light show up on your dashboard, that’s when you know to call Spot On Tires!

Tires may wear out for many reasons. One which is that your vehicle’s tires are out of alignment. Another reason tires wear quickly is that your tires are not set at the proper tire pressure.

Spot On Tires will work to find the best prices for you. We search for the best quality and prices, then bring the tires and the tire shop to you!

“Being a racecar driver, I know all about traction and what happens when your front tires vs. rear tires lose traction. In my opinion, when the roads are slick it is more important to have better tires on the rear to get traction to keep your vehicle from spinning out of control.”- Jarrod Jennings, Owner.

Spot On Tires will always provide expert guidance and installation for your vehicle. If you have any further questions regarding your need for tires, give us a call!

Yes, we do provide roadside assistance and we have recommended tow companies that we work with if needed.


We do not stock tires. Instead, we utilize local tire distributors to ensure that we have access to whatever tires you may need. The distributors that we work with deliver tires to us twice a day so you won’t have to wait for your tires and then we will bring them to you.

Tires should be replaced when there are 4/32nds of tread left on the tire. Not sure what that means? Grab a quarter! Take your quarter and place it into your tread groove with George Washington’s head facing downward. If you can see the top of Washington’s head, then your tires have worn below 4/32nds of an inch.

Tires should be rotated every 8,000 miles to make all 4 tires wear the same.

Replacing 4 tires on a vehicle usually takes about an hour to complete.

We accept cash, check, or credit card. We even have online payment capabilities!

We offer tire warranties from the tire manufacturer if they are available.

However far you need! Our typical prices include 35 miles of travel, after that there is an additional charge for mileage. If you have questions about this charge, give us a call!