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Did your tires fail the penny test? Driving on bald or damaged tires is a serious risk, so don't put off your tire replacement any longer. Spot On Tires in Waco, TX offers a complete mobile tire service and can get you safely back on the road in no time. We sell and install a variety of premium tires for personal vehicles, commercial fleets and small RVs and trailers. No matter your needs, we'll meet you wherever you are and provide all tire replacements on the spot. We also provide flat tire repair services! Wondering where to buy tires? Call us today!

Gear up for better performance

Your tires play a key role in your car's performance. If your tires are worn or out of alignment, it can affect your steering, braking and engine intake. Spot On Tires can hook you up with new tires to increase:

  • Safety - New tires have better traction, so you're safer on wet roads and you can stop when you need to.
  • Fuel efficiency - When tires wear down, they can throw your car off balance and cause your engine to guzzle gas.
  • Comfort - Bald tires have little give and can make uneven roadways feel even bumpier.

Our mobile tire shop has access to top-quality tire brands and can install the best tires for your vehicle. We offer affordable mobile tire service so you can buy new tires you need without breaking the bank.

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Personal Vehicles

Call us when you need new passenger vehicle tires.

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Commercial Vehicles

We offer on-site tire rotations and changeouts for large fleets.

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Flat Repairs

Get a mobile flat tire repair and get back on the road.

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Quality service is our auto motive

Spot On Tires is a leading mobile tire shop in Waco, TX. With on-site tire replacements and affordable payment options, we offer convenient services that you can rely on. We have the proper tools and equipment in our truck to deliver full tire replacements anywhere and everywhere.

We can handle multiple vehicles at one time so you can take care of your entire fleet on the same day. Contact us now to schedule tire services.